Matthew 2:7 Thereupon Herod sent privately for the Magi and ascertained from them the exact time of the star's appearing. (WEY RSV)

Matthew 2:16 Then Herod, finding that the Magi had trifled with him, was furious, and sent and massacred all the boys under two years of age, in Bethlehem and all its neighbourhood, according to the date he had so carefully ascertained from the Magi. (WEY RSV)

Mark 15:45 and having ascertained the fact he granted the body to Joseph. (WEY)

John 7:26 But here he is, speaking openly and boldly, and they say nothing to him! Can the Rulers really have ascertained that this man is the Christ? (WEY)

Acts 21:34 Some of the crowd shouted one accusation against Paul and some another, until, as the uproar made it impossible for the truth to be ascertained with certainty, the Tribune ordered him to be brought into the barracks. (WEY)

Acts 22:29 Immediately therefore those who were going to examine him left him, and the chiliarch also was afraid when he ascertained that he was a Roman, and because he had bound him. (DBY)

1 Kings 7:47 And Solomon left all the vessels unweighed from their exceeding number; the weight of the brass was not ascertained. (DBY WBS NAS)

2 Chronicles 4:18 And Solomon made all these vessels in great number; for the weight of the brass was not ascertained. (DBY WBS RSV)