Matthew 5:39 But I tell you, don't resist him who is evil; but whoever strikes you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also. (WEB WEY RSV NIV)

Luke 6:29 To him who strikes you on the cheek, offer also the other; and from him who takes away your cloak, don't withhold your coat also. (WEB RSV NIV)

2 Corinthians 11:20 For you bear with a man, if he brings you into bondage, if he devours you, if he takes you captive, if he exalts himself, if he strikes you on the face. (WEB WEY RSV)

1 Peter 2:8 and "a Stone for the foot to strike against, and a Rock to stumble over." Their foot strikes against it because they are disobedient to God's Message, and to this they were appointed. (WEY)

Revelation 9:5 They were given power not to kill them, but to torment them for five months. Their torment was like the torment of a scorpion, when it strikes a person. (WEB DBY NIV)

Genesis 32:8 and he said, "If Esau comes to the one company, and strikes it, then the company which is left will escape." (WEB)

Exodus 21:12 "One who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death, (WEB NAS RSV NIV)

Exodus 21:15 "Anyone who attacks his father or his mother shall be surely put to death. (See NAS RSV)

Exodus 21:18 "If men quarrel and one strikes the other with a stone, or with his fist, and he doesn't die, but is confined to bed; (WEB NAS RSV)

Exodus 21:20 "If a man strikes his servant or his maid with a rod, and he dies under his hand, he shall surely be punished. (WEB NAS RSV)

Exodus 21:26 "If a man strikes his servant's eye, or his maid's eye, and destroys it, he shall let him go free for his eye's sake. (WEB NAS RSV)

Exodus 21:27 If he strikes out his male servant's tooth, or his female servant's tooth, he shall let him go free for his tooth's sake. (WEB)

Leviticus 24:17 "'He who strikes any man mortally shall surely be put to death. (WEB)

Leviticus 24:18 He who strikes an animal mortally shall make it good, life for life. (WEB)

Numbers 35:16 But if he smote him with an instrument of iron, so that he died, he is a murderer; the murderer shall surely be put to death. (See NIV)

Numbers 35:17 If he struck him with a stone in the hand, by which a man may die, and he died, he is a murderer: the murderer shall surely be put to death. (See NIV)

Deuteronomy 19:11 But if any man hates his neighbor, and lies in wait for him, and rises up against him, and strikes him mortally so that he dies, and he flees into one of these cities; (WEB NAS)

Deuteronomy 25:11 When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draws near to deliver her husband out of the hand of him who strikes him, and puts forth her hand, and takes him by the secrets; (WEB)

Deuteronomy 27:24 'Cursed is he who strikes his neighbor in secret.' All the people shall say,'Amen.' (WEB NAS)

Joshua 15:16 Caleb said, "He who strikes Kiriath Sepher, and takes it, to him will I give Achsah my daughter as wife." (WEB)

Judges 1:12 Caleb said, "He who strikes Kiriath Sepher, and takes it, to him will I give Achsah my daughter as wife." (WEB)

2 Samuel 5:8 David said on that day, "Whoever strikes the Jebusites, let him get up to the watercourse, and strike the lame and the blind, who are hated by David's soul." Therefore they say, "The the blind and the lame can't come into the house." (WEB)

1 Chronicles 11:6 David said, "Whoever strikes the Jebusites first shall be chief and captain." Joab the son of Zeruiah went up first, and was made chief. (WEB NAS)

Job 4:5 But now, it cometh in unto thee, And thou art weary; It striketh unto thee, and thou art troubled. (See NIV)

Job 26:12 He stirs up the sea with his power, and by his understanding he strikes through Rahab. (WEB)

Job 34:26 He strikes them as wicked men in the open sight of others; (WEB NAS RSV)

Psalms 29:7 Yahweh's voice strikes with flashes of lightning. (WEB NIV)

Proverbs 1:26 So in the day of your trouble I will be laughing; I will make sport of your fear; (See RSV)

Proverbs 1:27 When your dread cometh as a storm, and your calamity cometh on as a whirlwind; when trouble and distress come upon you. (See RSV)

Proverbs 7:23 Until an arrow strikes through his liver, as a bird hurries to the snare, and doesn't know that it will cost his life. (WEB)

Proverbs 17:18 A man void of understanding strikes hands, and becomes collateral in the presence of his neighbor. (WEB NIV)

Proverbs 27:10 Do not give up your friend and your father's friend; and do not go into your brother's house in the day of your trouble: better is a neighbour who is near than a brother far off. (See NIV)

Isaiah 5:25 Therefore is the anger of the LORD kindled against His people, and He hath stretched forth His hand against them, and hath smitten them, and the hills did tremble, and their carcasses were as refuse in the midst of the streets. For all this His anger is not turned away, but His hand is stretched out still. (See NIV)

Isaiah 10:24 For this cause the Lord, the Lord of armies, says, O my people living in Zion, have no fear of the Assyrian, even if his rod comes on your back, and his stick is lifted up as in Egypt. (See NAS)

Isaiah 30:31 For through the voice of the Lord the Assyrian will be broken, and the Lord's rod will be lifted up against him. (See NAS)

Jeremiah 11:12 Then shall the cities of Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem go and cry to the gods to which they offer incense: but they will not save them at all in the time of their trouble. (See NIV)

Lamentations 3:30 Let him give his cheek to him who strikes him; let him be filled full with reproach. (WEB)

Ezekiel 7:9 My eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: I will bring on you according to your ways; and your abominations shall be in the midst of you; and you shall know that I, Yahweh, do strike. (See NIV)

Ezekiel 17:10 Yes, behold, being planted, shall it prosper? shall it not utterly wither, when the east wind touches it? it shall wither in the beds where it grew. (See NAS RSV NIV)