Galatians 4:3 So we also, when spiritually we were children, were subject to the world's rudimentary notions, and were enslaved. (WEY)

Galatians 4:9 Now, however, having come to know God--or rather to be known by Him--how is it you are again turning back to weak and worthless rudimentary notions to which you are once more willing to be enslaved? (WEY)

Colossians 2:8 Take care lest there be some one who leads you away as prisoners by means of his philosophy and idle fancies, following human traditions and the world's crude notions instead of following Christ. (WEY)

Colossians 2:18 let no one beguile you of your prize, delighting in humble-mindedness and 'in' worship of the messengers, intruding into the things he hath not seen, being vainly puffed up by the mind of his flesh, (See NIV)

Colossians 2:20 If you have died with Christ and have escaped from the world's rudimentary notions, why, as though your life still belonged to the world, do you submit to such precepts as (WEY)

Job 15:2 "Should a wise man answer with vain knowledge, and fill himself with the east wind? (See NIV)