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14:11 For it is written, [As] I {k} live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall {l} confess to God.

(k) This is a form of an oath, proper to God alone, for he and none but he lives, and has his being of himself.

(l) Will acknowledge be to be from God.

14:11 For it is written. In Isa 45:23. The passage quoted declares that the whole world will yet make humble acknowledgment of the sovereignty of Jehovah.

14:11 As I live - An oath proper to him, because he only possesseth life infinite and independent. It is Christ who is here termed both Lord and God; as it is he to whom we live, and to whom we die. Every tongue shall confess to God - Shall own him as their rightful Lord; which shall then only be accomplished in its full extent. The Lord grant we may find mercy in that day; and may it also be imparted to those who have differed from us! yea, to those who have censured and condemned us for things which we have done from a desire to please him, or refused to do from a fear of offending him. Isa 45:23

14:7-13 Though some are weak, and others are strong, yet all must agree not to live to themselves. No one who has given up his name to Christ, is allowedly a self-seeker; that is against true Christianity. The business of our lives is not to please ourselves, but to please God. That is true Christianity, which makes Christ all in all. Though Christians are of different strength, capacities, and practices in lesser things, yet they are all the Lord's; all are looking and serving, and approving themselves to Christ. He is Lord of those that are living, to rule them; of those that are dead, to revive them, and raise them up. Christians should not judge or despise one another, because both the one and the other must shortly give an account. A believing regard to the judgment of the great day, would silence rash judgings. Let every man search his own heart and life; he that is strict in judging and humbling himself, will not be apt to judge and despise his brother. We must take heed of saying or doing things which may cause others to stumble or to fall. The one signifies a lesser, the other a greater degree of offence; that which may be an occasion of grief or of guilt to our brother.

Bent Bow Confess Confession Holy Knee Live Praise Surely Tongue Worship Writings Written

Bent Bow Confess Confession Holy Knee Live Praise Surely Tongue Worship Writings Written