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23:1 And {1} the whole multitude of them arose, and led him unto Pilate.

(1) Christ, who is now ready to suffer for the rebellion which we raised in this world, is first of all pronounced guiltless, so that it might appear that he suffered not for his own sins (which were none) but for ours.

23:1-25 The Crucifixion


Jesus Brought Before Pilate. Acquitted by Pilate. On the Clamor of Priests Sent to Herod. Silent Before Herod. Sent Again, Arrayed as a King, to Pilate. Examined a Second Time and No Fault Found. Barabbas Demanded Instead of Christ. Pilate Yields and Sends Jesus to Be Crucified. The Weeping of the Daughters of Jerusalem. Between Thieves. Mocked on the Cross. The Penitent Thief. The Death of Jesus. The Burial.

The Trial Before Pilate. Described in Mt 27:11-35 Mr 15:1-23 Joh 18:28-19:16. See notes on Matthew and John.

Led him to Pilate. The Sanhedrin, after a private conference, came in a body to accuse Jesus of sedition. See Mt 27:1-10.

23:1 Mt 27:1; Mr 15:1; John 18:28.

23:1-5 Pilate well understood the difference between armed forces and our Lord's followers. But instead of being softened by Pilate's declaration of his innocence, and considering whether they were not bringing the guilt of innocent blood upon themselves, the Jews were the more angry. The Lord brings his designs to a glorious end, even by means of those who follow the devices of their own hearts. Thus all parties joined, so as to prove the innocence of Jesus, who was the atoning sacrifice for our sins.

Accuse Assembly Body Company Led Multitude Pilate Risen Rising Rose Whole

Accuse Assembly Body Company Led Multitude Pilate Risen Rising Rose Whole