Apostles Hour Meat Placed Reclined Sat Seat Table Twelve

22:14 {4} And when the {e} hour was come, he sat down, and the twelve apostles with him.

(4) Christ, having ended the passover according to the order of the law, forewarns them that this will be his last banquet with them in terms of this earthly life.

(e) The evening and twilight, at which time this supper was to be kept.

22:14-20 When the hour was come. There are four accounts of the institution of the Lord's Supper: Mt 26:26-30 Mr 14:22-25 1Co 11:23-25. See notes on Matthew.

22:14 Mt 26:20; Mr 14:17.

22:7-18 Christ kept the ordinances of the law, particularly that of the passover, to teach us to observe his gospel institutions, and most of all that of the Lord's supper. Those who go upon Christ's word, need not fear disappointment. According to the orders given them, the disciples got all ready for the passover. Jesus bids this passover welcome. He desired it, though he knew his sufferings would follow, because it was in order to his Father's glory and man's redemption. He takes his leave of all passovers, signifying thereby his doing away all the ordinances of the ceremonial law, of which the passover was one of the earliest and chief. That type was laid aside, because now in the kingdom of God the substance was come.

Apostles Hour Jesus Meat Placed Reclined Sat Seat Table Time Twelve

Apostles Hour Jesus Meat Placed Reclined Sat Seat Table Time Twelve