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19:42 {g} Saying, {h} If thou hadst known, even thou, {i} at least in this {k} thy day, the things [which belong] unto thy {l} peace! but now they are hid from thine eyes.

(g) Christ stops his speech, which partly shows how moved he was with compassion over the destruction of the city that was surely to come: and partly to reprove them for their treachery and stubbornness against him, such as has not been heard of before.

(h) You at the very least, O Jerusalem, to whom the message was properly sent.

(i) If after slaying so many prophets, and so often refusing me, the Lord of the prophets, if only now, especially in my last coming to you, you had any concern for yourself.

(k) The good and prosperous time is called the day of this city.

(l) That is, those things in which your happiness stands.

19:42 If thou hadst known... in this thy day. The day of opportunity and mercy. But their eyes were blinded by unbelief.

The things [which belong] unto thy peace. The acceptance of Christ would have prevented the rebellion against Rome, the destruction of the city, and would have secured heavenly as well as earthly peace.

19:42 O that thou hadst known, at least in this thy day - After thou hast neglected so many. Thy day - The day wherein God still offers thee his blessings.

19:41-48 Who can behold the holy Jesus, looking forward to the miseries that awaited his murderers, weeping over the city where his precious blood was about to be shed, without seeing that the likeness of God in the believer, consists much in good-will and compassion? Surely those cannot be right who take up any doctrines of truth, so as to be hardened towards their fellow-sinners. But let every one remember, that though Jesus wept over Jerusalem, he executed awful vengeance upon it. Though he delights not in the death of a sinner, yet he will surely bring to pass his awful threatenings on those who neglect his salvation. The Son of God did not weep vain and causeless tears, nor for a light matter, nor for himself. He knows the value of souls, the weight of guilt, and how low it will press and sink mankind. May he then come and cleanse our hearts by his Spirit, from all that defiles. May sinners, on every side, become attentive to the words of truth and salvation.

Able Belong Eyes Hadst Hid Hidden Least Makes Peace Possible Time Today

Able Belong Eyes Hadst Hid Hidden Least Makes Peace Possible Time Today