Entered Jericho Passed Passing Town

19:1 And {1} [Jesus] entered and passed through Jericho.

(1) Christ especially guides by his grace those who seem to be furthest from it.

19:1 The Entrance into Jerusalem


Zacchaeus the Publican. Parable of the Ten Pounds. The Royal Entry into Jerusalem. Weeping in Jerusalem. Cleansing the Temple.

[Jesus] entered and passed through Jericho. He had crossed the Jordan at the ford beyond Jericho, and the road from thence to Jerusalem led through Jericho, the city of palm trees, the chief city of all eastern Judea. It stood at the mouth of the gap in the mountain rampart, through which the road ascended to Jerusalem, more than 3,000 feet above the plain of Jericho.

19:1 He passed through Jericho - So that Zaccheus must have lived near the end of the town: the tree was in the town itself. And he was rich - These words seem to refer to the discourse in the last chapter , Lu 18:24 - 27, particularly to Lu 18:27. Zaccheus is a proof, that it is possible by the power of God for even a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

19:1-10 Those who sincerely desire a sight of Christ, like Zaccheus, will break through opposition, and take pains to see him. Christ invited himself to Zaccheus' house. Wherever Christ comes he opens the heart, and inclines it to receive him. He that has a mind to know Christ, shall be known of him. Those whom Christ calls, must humble themselves, and come down. We may well receive him joyfully, who brings all good with him. Zaccheus gave proofs publicly that he was become a true convert. He does not look to be justified by his works, as the Pharisee; but by his good works he will, through the grace of God, show the sincerity of his faith and repentance. Zaccheus is declared to be a happy man, now he is turned from sin to God. Now that he is saved from his sins, from the guilt of them, from the power of them, all the benefits of salvation are his. Christ is come to his house, and where Christ comes he brings salvation with him. He came into this lost world to seek and to save it. His design was to save, when there was no salvation in any other. He seeks those that sought him not, and asked not for him.

Entered Jericho Jesus Passed Passing

Entered Jericho Jesus Passed Passing