Behold Forth Lambs Midst Remember Sending Wolves

10:3 {2} Go your ways: behold, I send you forth as lambs among wolves.

(2) The faithful ministers of the word are in this world as lambs among wolves: but if they are diligent to do their duty, he who sent them will also preserve them.

10:3-12 Go. The instructions to the seventy are in substance the same as those given to the twelve in Matthew, See notes on Mt 10:5-42. Matthew is fuller. For Luke's additions, see notes on Lu 10:4-6.

10:3 Mt 10:16.

10:1-16 Christ sent the seventy disciples, two and two, that they might strengthen and encourage one another. The ministry of the gospel calls men to receive Christ as a Prince and a Saviour; and he will surely come in the power of his Spirit to all places whither he sends his faithful servants. But the doom of those who receive the grace of God in vain, will be very fearful Those who despise the faithful ministers of Christ, who think meanly of them, and look scornfully upon them, will be reckoned as despisers of God and Christ.

Forth Lambs Midst Remember Sending Way Ways Wolves

Forth Lambs Midst Remember Sending Way Ways Wolves