Fruit Harvest Making Peace Planted Raise Righteousness Seed Sow Sown Strive

3:18 {10} And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

(10) Because the world persuades itself that they are miserable who live peaceably and simply: on the contrary, the apostle states that they shall eventually reap the harvest of peaceable righteousness.

3:18 The fruit of righteousness is sown in peace. This wisdom not only bears righteousness as a fruit, but sows this fruit as seed to produce peace.

Them that make peace. These sowers are peacemakers. See Mt 5:9. Sowing righteousness makes peace, because wrong is the fruitful mother of strife.

3:18 And the principle productive of this righteousness is sown, like good seed, in the peace of a believer's mind, and brings forth a plentiful harvest of happiness, (which is the proper fruit of righteousness,) for them that make peace - That labour to promote this pure and holy peace among all men.

3:13-18 These verses show the difference between men's pretending to be wise, and their being really so. He who thinks well, or he who talks well, is not wise in the sense of the Scripture, if he does not live and act well. True wisdom may be know by the meekness of the spirit and temper. Those who live in malice, envy, and contention, live in confusion; and are liable to be provoked and hurried to any evil work. Such wisdom comes not down from above, but springs up from earthly principles, acts on earthly motives, and is intent on serving earthly purposes. Those who are lifted up with such wisdom, described by the apostle James, is near to the Christian love, described by the apostle Paul; and both are so described that every man may fully prove the reality of his attainments in them. It has no disguise or deceit. It cannot fall in with those managements the world counts wise, which are crafty and guileful; but it is sincere, and open, and steady, and uniform, and consistent with itself. May the purity, peace, gentleness, teachableness, and mercy shown in all our actions, and the fruits of righteousness abounding in our lives, prove that God has bestowed upon us this excellent gift.

Fruit Harvest Making Peace Peacemakers Planted Raise Righteousness Seed Sow Sown Strive

Fruit Harvest Making Peace Peacemakers Planted Raise Righteousness Seed Sow Sown Strive