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8:11 And they shall not teach every man... saying, Know the Lord. See Jer 31:34. Under the old covenant children were born into covenant relation. As they grew up they had to be taught of the Lord, or they would never know him. As a matter of fact, many did not learn to know him.

For all shall know me, from the least to the greatest. But under the new covenant all must learn to know God and the Son whom he hath sent before they can enter the covenant. Every one must enter by faith in Christ, repentance of sin, and surrender to the will of God. Hence all members of the new covenant know God, from the least to the greatest.

8:11 And they who are under this covenant (though in other respects they will have need to teach each other to their lives' end, yet) shall not need to teach every one his brother, saying, Know the Lord; for they shall all know me - All real Christians. From the least to the greatest - In this order the saving knowledge of God ever did and ever will proceed; not first to the greatest, and then to the least. But the Lord shall save the tents, the poorest, of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David, the royal seed, and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the nobles and the rich citizens, do not magnify themselves, Zec 12:7.

8:7-13 The superior excellence of the priesthood of Christ, above that of Aaron, is shown from that covenant of grace, of which Christ was Mediator. The law not only made all subject to it, liable to be condemned for the guilt of sin, but also was unable to remove that guilt, and clear the conscience from the sense and terror of it. Whereas, by the blood of Christ, a full remission of sins was provided, so that God would remember them no more. God once wrote his laws to his people, now he will write his laws in them; he will give them understanding to know and to believe his laws; he will give them memories to retain them; he will give them hearts to love them, courage to profess them, and power to put them in practice. This is the foundation of the covenant; and when this is laid, duty will be done wisely, sincerely, readily, easily, resolutely, constantly, and with comfort. A plentiful outpouring of the Spirit of God will make the ministration of the gospel so effectual, that there shall be a mighty increase and spreading of Christian knowledge in persons of all sorts. Oh that this promise might be fulfilled in our days, that the hand of God may be with his ministers so that great numbers may believe, and be turned to the Lord! The pardon of sin will always be found to accompany the true knowledge of God. Notice the freeness of this pardon; its fulness; its fixedness. This pardoning mercy is connected with all other spiritual mercies: unpardoned sin hinders mercy, and pulls down judgments; but the pardon of sin prevents judgment, and opens a wide door to all spiritual blessings. Let us search whether we are taught by the Holy Spirit to know Christ, so as uprightly to love, fear, trust, and obey him. All worldly vanities, outward privileges, or mere notions of religion, will soon vanish away, and leave those who trust in them miserable for ever.

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Citizen Fellow Great Greatest Least Need Neighbor Neighbour Small Teach Teaching Themselves