Elders Front Responsible Sat Seats Sit

14:1 Then came certain of the elders of Israel to me, and {a} sat before me.

(a) He shows the hypocrisy of the idolaters, who will pretend to hear the prophets of God, though in their hearts they follow nothing less than their admonitions and also how by one means or another God discovers them.

14:1 Elders - Men of note, that were in office and power among the Jews, who were come from Jerusalem.

14:1-11 No outward form or reformation can be acceptable to God, so long as any idol possesses the heart; yet how many prefer their own devices and their own righteousness, to the way of salvation! Men's corruptions are idols in their hearts, and are of their own setting up; God will let them take their course. Sin renders the sinner odious in the eyes of the pure and holy God; and in his own eyes also, whenever conscience is awakened. Let us seek to be cleansed from the guilt and pollution of sins, in that fountain which the Lord has opened.

Elders Front Israel Responsible Sat Seats Sit

Elders Front Israel Responsible Sat Seats Sit