Apostle Brother Christ God's Paul Purpose Timotheus Timothy

1:1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the {a} will of God, and Timotheus [our] brother,

(a) By the free bountifulness of God.

1:1 The Preeminence of the Son


Greeting. Thanksgiving for the Faith of the Colossian Church. Prayer for Their Progress. Becoming Meet for the Inheritance of the Saints. In the Kingdom of the Son. The Glories of the Son. The Work of Christ on Reconciling Men to Himself. Joy in Sufferings. The Mystery Among the Gentiles.

Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God. Not by human appointment, but by divine.

Timotheus, our brother. The other Epistles written at this time that Timothy was then in Rome. He is named six times in the address of Paul's letters to the churches: here and 2Co 1:1 Php 1:1 1Th 1:1 2Th 1:1 Phm 1.

1:1-8 All true Christians are brethren one to another. Faithfulness runs through every character and relation of the Christian life. Faith, hope, and love, are the three principal graces in the Christian life, and proper matter for prayer and thanksgiving. The more we fix our hopes on the reward in the other world, the more free shall we be in doing good with our earthly treasure. It was treasured up for them, no enemy could deprive them of it. The gospel is the word of truth, and we may safely venture our souls upon it. And all who hear the word of the gospel, ought to bring forth the fruit of the gospel, obey it, and have their principles and lives formed according to it. Worldly love arises, either from views of interest or from likeness in manners; carnal love, from the appetite for pleasure. To these, something corrupt, selfish, and base always cleaves. But Christian love arises from the Holy Spirit, and is full of holiness.

Apostle Christ God's Jesus Paul Purpose Timotheus Timothy

Apostle Christ God's Jesus Paul Purpose Timotheus Timothy