Antioch Assembly Barnabas Brother Cyrene Foster Herod Lucius Manaen Niger Prophets Saul Simeon Teachers Tetrarch

13:1 Now {1} there were in the church that was at Antioch certain prophets and teachers; as Barnabas, and Simeon that was called Niger, and Lucius of Cyrene, and Manaen, which had been brought up with {a} Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.

(1) Paul with Barnabas is again the second time appointed apostle of the Gentiles, not of man, neither by man, but by an extraordinary commandment of the Holy Spirit.

(a) This was the same Antipas who put John the Baptist to death.

13:1 The Era of Gentile Missions


Fasting and Prayer at Antioch. The Holy Spirit Directs Paul and Barnabas to Be Sent Forth. Their Ordination. They Preach the Word in Cyprus. Elymas Rebuked. The Proconsul Converted. The Missionaries Sail to Perga. The Gospel Preached in Antioch of Pisidia. The Persecution Raised by the Jews. The Departure to Iconium.

The church that was at Antioch. For description of Antioch and account of the founding of the church in that city (see notes on Ac 11:19,26). This was the mother church of Gentile Christendom. It was at this period the most important city of Asia, and the third city of the world. For description, see notes on Ac 11:22.

Prophets and teachers. These offices were not identical, though the first included the last (Eph 4:11). A prophet was an inspired teacher, not necessarily one who predicted the future, but one who spoke God's message by inspiration.

Barnabas. One of the prophets. See notes on Ac 11:22

Simeon that was called Niger. Nothing more is known of him. As Niger means black, some have fancied that he was an African, but Niger was as common a Roman surname as Black is now.

Lucius of Cyrene. The men who planted the church at Antioch were of Cyprus and Cyrene. See PNT Ac 11:20. Lucius was probably one of these. The name occurs again in Ro 16:21.

Manaen. His mother was probably the nurse of Herod when the latter was a babe. Herod Antipas, the husband of Herodias, the murderer of John the Baptist, is meant. He was now dethroned and an exile in Gaul.

Saul. The greatest of these men is named last. His greatness was not yet demonstrated.

13:1 Manaen, who had been brought up with Herod - His foster brother, now freed from the temptations of a court.

13:1-3 What an assemblage was here! In these names we see that the Lord raises up instruments for his work, from various places and stations in life; and zeal for his glory induces men to give up flattering connexions and prospects to promote his cause. It is by the Spirit of Christ that his ministers are made both able and willing for his service, and taken from other cares that would hinder in it. Christ's ministers are to be employed in Christ's work, and, under the Spirit's guidance, to act for the glory of God the Father. They are separated to take pains, and not to take state. A blessing upon Barnabas and Saul in their present undertaking was sought for, and that they might be filled with the Holy Ghost in their work. Whatever means are used, or rules observed, the Holy Ghost alone can fit ministers for their important work, and call them to it.

Antioch Assembly Barnabas Black Church Cyrenaean Cyrene Cyre'ne Cyrenian Herod Lucius Member Prophets Relation Saul Simeon Surnamed Symeon Teachers Tetrarch

Antioch Assembly Barnabas Black Church Cyrenaean Cyrene Cyre'ne Cyrenian Herod Lucius Member Prophets Relation Saul Simeon Surnamed Symeon Teachers Tetrarch