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5:6 Therefore let us not sleep, as [do] others. Since Christians are of the day, they should be wide awake. Day is not the time for sleep. A sleep of the spiritual faculties, which renders one insensible to danger, is meant. Instead of sleeping, Christians should

watch and be sober minded. For a comment declaring how we should obey this, turn to Lu 21:34,36.

5:6 Awake, and keep awake - Being awakened, let us have all our spiritual senses about us.

5:6-11 Most of mankind do not consider the things of another world at all, because they are asleep; or they do not consider them aright, because they sleep and dream. Our moderation as to all earthly things should be known to all men. Shall Christians, who have the light of the blessed gospel shining in their faces, be careless about their souls, and unmindful of another world? We need the spiritual armour, or the three Christian graces, faith, love, and hope. Faith; if we believe that the eye of God is always upon us, that there is another world to prepare for, we shall see reason to watch and be sober. True and fervent love to God, and the things of God, will keep us watchful and sober. If we have hope of salvation, let us take heed of any thing that would shake our trust in the Lord. We have ground on which to build unshaken hope, when we consider, that salvation is by our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, to atone for our sins and to ransom our souls. We should join in prayer and praise one with another. We should set a good example one before another, and this is the best means to answer the end of society. Thus we shall learn how to live to Him, with whom we hope to live for ever.

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Alert Asleep Awake Let's Others Rest Self-Controlled Sleep Sober Watch World