Adjure Brethren Brothers Charge Command Epistle Holy Letter Lord's Orders Present Reading Solemnly

5:27 I charge you by the Lord. His affectionate solicitude impels this solemn charge. Otherwise those in charge of the new church might think the letter was for them specially and that they were to teach its spirit and thoughts to the people.

That this epistle be read unto all the holy brethren. In the public assembly.

5:27 I charge you by the Lord - Christ, to whom proper divine worship is here paid. That this epistle - The first he wrote. Be read to all the brethren - That is, in all the churches. They might have concealed it out of modesty, had not this been so solemnly enjoined: but what Paul commands under so strong an adjuration, Rome forbids under pain of excommunication.

5:23-28 The apostle prays that they might be sanctified more perfectly, for the best are sanctified but in part while in this world; therefore we should pray for, and press toward, complete holiness. And as we must fall, if God did not carry on his good work in the soul, we should pray to God to perfect his work, till we are presented faultless before the throne of his glory. We should pray for one another; and brethren should thus express brotherly love. This epistle was to be read to all the brethren. Not only are the common people allowed to read the Scriptures, but it is their duty, and what they should be persuaded to do. The word of God should not be kept in an unknown tongue, but transplanted, that as all men are concerned to know the Scriptures, so they all may be able to read them. The Scriptures should be read in all public congregations, for the benefit of the unlearned especially. We need no more to make us happy, than to know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is an ever-flowing and an over-flowing fountain of grace to supply all our wants.

Adjure Charge Command Epistle Holy Letter Orders Present Read Reading Solemnly

Adjure Charge Command Epistle Holy Letter Orders Present Read Reading Solemnly