Ammiel Am'mi-el Blessed Blessing Eighth Indeed Issachar Is'sachar Obed-edom Peullethai Pe-ul'lethai Peulthai Seventh Sixth

26:5 Ammiel the sixth, Issachar the seventh, Peulthai the eighth: for God {b} blessed him.

(b) In giving him many children.

26:5 Blessed him - With a numerous posterity and other blessings, for his respect and affection to the ark. The increase and building up of families, is owing to the Divine blessing. And a great blessing it is to have many children, when they are like these, eminent in the service of God.

26:1-32 The offices of the Levites. - The porters and treasurers of the temple, had occasion for strength and valour to oppose those who wrongly attempted to enter the sanctuary, and to guard the sacred treasures. Much was expended daily upon the altar; flour, wine, oil, salt, fuel, beside the lamps; quantities of these were kept beforehand, besides the sacred vestments and utensils. These were the treasures of the house of God. These treasures typified the plenty there is in our heavenly Father's house, enough and to spare. From those sacred treasuries, the unsearchable riches of Christ, all our wants are supplied; and receiving from his fulness, we must give him the glory, and endeavour to dispose of our abilities and substance according to his will. We have an account of those employed as officers and judges. The magistracy is an ordinance of God for the good of the church, as truly as the ministry, and must not be neglected. None of the Levites who were employed in the service of the sanctuary, none of the singers or porters, were concerned in this outward business; one duty was enough to engage the whole man. Wisdom, courage, strength of faith, holy affections, and constancy of mind in doing our duty, are requisite or useful for every station.

Ammiel Am'mi-El Blessed Blessing Eighth Indeed Issachar Is'sachar Obed-Edom Seventh Sixth

Ammiel Am'mi-El Blessed Blessing Eighth Indeed Issachar Is'sachar Obed-Edom Seventh Sixth