Calcol Dara Darda Ethan Heman Sons Zerah Zimri

2:6 And the sons of Zerah; Zimri, and {b} Ethan, and Heman, and Calcol, and Dara: five of them in all.

(b) Of these read 1Ki 4:31.

2:6 Dara - If these be the same who are mentioned as the sons of Machol, 1Kings 4:31, either the same man had two names, Zerah and Machol, as was usual among the Hebrews: or, one of these was their immediate father, and the other their grand - father. These are named, because they were the glory of their father's house. When the Holy Ghost would magnify the wisdom of Solomon, he saith, he was wiser than these four men. That four brothers should be so eminent, was a rare thing.

2:1-55 Genealogies. - We are now come to the register of the children of Israel, that distinguished people, who were to dwell alone, and not be reckoned among the nations. But now, in Christ, all are welcome to his salvation who come to him; all have equal privileges according to their faith in him, their love and devotedness to him. All that is truly valuable consists in the favour, peace, and image of God, and a life spent to his glory, in promoting the welfare of our fellow-creatures.

Calcol Darda Ethan Five Heman Zerah Zimri

Calcol Darda Ethan Five Heman Zerah Zimri